Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pentagonal sunburst

Here's another pattern with pentagons.  The colours don't help show the pattern but I like the look. I am getting a little faster translating patterns made in TileLand to PolygonR&D.  I often play around in TileLand, then after I find a repeating pattern, code it up in PolygonR&D so that I can easily play with colour and size.  Perhaps, I should have played around a bit more.

This style is like a leaf pattern.  Each of the 10 radial wedges has a symmetry like a leaf (technically a glide motion?).  The pseudo mirroring can be seen by looking at the white S gaps in the pattern and then looking at the white gaps that are more like a Z.

I may play around with these local patterns of Ss and Zs to form a different global pattern.  That is of course if I can get some spare time.

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