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My web woes

I really like this small change. I wasn't expecting such a big difference. I was aiming to promote the octagram called the Star of Lakshmi or khatam sulayman, which is two overlapping squares following the recent descending pentagons had two overlapping pentagons. I switched back to emphasizing the square rather than the triangles and ended up with this above pattern. I quite like the details in this pattern. Probably, it doesn't actually benefit that much from the animation. Or perhaps I need to work on a different animation......Polyproblems for this blog relate to the shifting sands of the web.  When I was happily posting rasterized images of my tilings, I ran into no big issues.  Blogger stored all my photos (screen captures in png format) transparently in some google place like picasso but didn't bother me about storage and such.  But then I ran across SVG files and became quite drawn to the vector way (also my previous postscript skills were somewhat resurrected--alt…