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updated PentTree

After the starfish design, I revisited the PentTree. The first thing I noticed was that it didn't make all the nice loops--connected rings of polygons. So I fixed that: check above the base, you should see eight pentagons that fit together making a loop.  Then I tweaked the pattern so it was a little better balanced. For the geeks, here's the code:
splitL{    right    scale 0.71925    right    ifsmall 0.002 { } {    sides 5    ifon none {       paint green       left       create splitL       right       create splitR    } { }    } } splitR{    scale 0.71925    ifsmall 0.002 {} {    sides 5    ifon none {       paint olive       create splitR       left       create splitL    } { }   } }


This is a fun image that has a lot of pentagons and isosceles triangles. This pattern has neighbouring pentagons having the ratio of the .618 (the golden ratio). I'll do some more exploring to see if I can find another interesting pattern. I think this may overly complicate the pattern but here is another.  Maybe this is more like an amoeba. It was a little tricky to make that inner spiral fit but it does.