Thursday, August 15, 2013


I'm stuck on pentagons and triangles.  Here, I'm looking at the gaps that don't look like Ys.  I call them herons.  They have 6 different orientations in this arrangement.  It always takes more time to write the code than I expect.
I may look into a faster to generate the code. Currently, I play with Tileland for ideas then as soon as I understand the repeating pattern, I transcribe it into PolygonR&D.  It might not be too bad to grab a selection of polygons in Tileland and then create the shortest polygon path which would give parts of the code that could be then augmented with programming structures to make code with loops and branches. It would save me lots of time with transcription....but it's debatable whether it's worth the effort since currently I'm the only PolygonR&D coder I know :)

Probably right now, I should just worry about porting Tileland to Android...but first another distracting pattern :)

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