Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pentagonal sunburst

Here's another pattern with pentagons.  The colours don't help show the pattern but I like the look. I am getting a little faster translating patterns made in TileLand to PolygonR&D.  I often play around in TileLand, then after I find a repeating pattern, code it up in PolygonR&D so that I can easily play with colour and size.  Perhaps, I should have played around a bit more.

This style is like a leaf pattern.  Each of the 10 radial wedges has a symmetry like a leaf (technically a glide motion?).  The pseudo mirroring can be seen by looking at the white S gaps in the pattern and then looking at the white gaps that are more like a Z.

I may play around with these local patterns of Ss and Zs to form a different global pattern.  That is of course if I can get some spare time.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

A pentagonal tree

Here is a fun tree.  The basic pattern starts with a single pentagon that branches into two smaller pentagons that in turn branch into smaller pentagons etc.  The right pentagon is dark the left is light.  This simple rule makes some interesting patterns in the tree: notably, the two lower branches that are horn like and only one colour.

I stop the shrinking at some cut off mark which preserves the leaf like appearance of the polygons. This makes the edge a little less regular and thus more tree like.  I may play around with a little with a slightly less symmetric choice for shrinking the polygons.

I may also perfect this image later so that it doesn't suffer so much from pixelation.So much to do so little time.

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