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Tileland+ code

Along with an interface update, I added a some language extras.  The native Tileland instructions remain (polygons, colours, and turning) but now I have added the environment instructions to the language.  In particular, I have added clipboard manipulation instructions. Although somewhat hidden, this addition is a metalanguage or a preprocessing language.

It's actually pretty simple when you see an example.  An orange hexagon with a blue square would be 6 o 4 b.  The picture below is a that with a right turn or 6o4b>.  The colour follows the shape so that it has something to colour. Doing that 4 times is just 6o4b>6o4b>6o4b>6o4b>.  Another way to make the pattern is to use the clipboard.  I haven't yet introduced a concept of a cursor yet so the clips come from the entire current code. There are 5 instructions that affect the clipboard: x, v, n, m, and q.  The first, x, simply transfers the current code into the clipboard.  The second, v, adds the first clip to…