Wednesday, January 23, 2008

S tiles

What else was I going to do with triangles, squares, and heptagons. This pattern was based on taking a clock-wise loop of ten heptagons (it's like a loop of six pentagons--not very circular) and unraveling it with a clock-wise loop of triangles and a clock-wise loop of squares. That is what makes the octagonal shape that surrounds the "S". So then it's just a matter of a little decoration and tiling. I'm surprised no one has really blasted me on my choice of colours. Bring the flame war on!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

X Bug

I'm calling this one X Bug since it is a checker board of X's and Bugs. The pattern was developed by unraveling a loop of six heptagons. Six sets of a square and two triangles were interlaced with the heptagons to create the outline for the bug. The bugs were connected by overlapping the two triangles at the corners. After the checker board of bugs were in place the holes that were left were decorated with a few squares and triangles to make the holes look like X's. This pattern is similar in construction to this pattern and many others. Perhaps the asymmetry (or rotation symmetry) makes it seem more like this pattern.

It's patterns like this one that make me wonder if I need to create another interface for PolygonR&D that incorporates TileLands interface of easily making polygon paths....

Here's close up of one bug. It's the hole on the inside that I consider the bug.

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