Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sun burst tiling

Here is the pattern I mentioned last entry.  In this pattern, the E-shaped white spaces radiate out from the central circle.  I guess a better label for these E's are described as 3-point crowns since here there are also 4-point crowns.  Should the pattern be extended indefinitely there would many more 4-point crowns than 3-point crowns. The spiral effect seems to be produced by all the points pointing in the clockwise direction around the centre of the the circle.  Then again, maybe it has more to do with the curved lines that drawing the eye in a clockwise direction.  

Although the repetitive aspect of the outer rings is rigidly defined, the inner part of the circle has many options.  I have explored a few possibilities in a different context.  But I have one that incorporates the 4-point crown.  I'm not sure if I should include the middle 3 pentagons.  The three humpback whale shapes in white space can be replaced by a shape that has nice rotational symmetry. Here's an alternative centre.

Maybe this is a better colouring....

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