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Hidden Ts

Here's a pattern with some mesmerising content. I continued tinkering with the arrowhead from the last entry. Aside from the calmer colours, I find this one more elegant.

At first, I focus on the the spaces in the pattern: the big spinners, the arrowheads, the reverse italic I, and the boxy capital Y. In the world of regular polygon paths, often the spaces are more interesting than the polygons. In a way, the spaces help us group polygons into chunks of the pattern. Perhaps this is part of the mesmerising aspects--your eyes end up grouping polygons in overlapping groups which can keep you busy mentally reorganising every time your eyes wanders from one space to another.

Then, I like to play with the colours. Different colourings enhance or create connections among the polygons. With this pattern, the colours help show the structure of the polygons. At the low level, there are either single green pentagons or a triplet of triangle-orange pentagon-triangle, which I'll call a we…


More polygon doodling has produced this pattern.  I have created the local patterns before but I believe this is a new one.  I may try a bit more variations using the arrowheads.  I do have a bit of race conditions when filling the centre of the vertices (the things that look like the plastic piece that you would put in 45 records--OK, I'm old).  I would prefer a bit more regularity but for this small patch it's not a bit deal.

I like the way my mind flips between the purple and green patterns, the vortices, and the arrowheads...