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rhombic dodecahedron balloon

Here is the design of the rhombic dodecahedron that I promised for a long time. Since it's tricky to follow I have a diagram below that may help you create it. The structure probably looks best when you use one to two inch bubbles rather than the longer ones I used in the video.*.7.8*.9.14

Here is the psuedo-gauss code for this design and the pattern. Probably I need to include a sequence of diagrams to really make this dodecahedron. I find these useful too. The diagrams perhaps are more useful in the design phase rather than the construction phase....

The * is there to indicate a bit of a tricky spot. For these you must pull the balloon through a square. It's not that tough on the balloon but it is important to know that it must come through the square an not just wrap around--the geometry changes when the balloon is complete and it would come apart otherwise.

Also note that 0 is mentioned but it is not in…

crazy zigzag

It's been a while since I made a zigzag pattern (a post for that matter). This octagon grid interlaced with a zigzag of triangles and heptagons leaves very small holes or gaps. You can see the alternation of the colours and polygons by following a loop around one of the holes. Notice that there are two types of holes: one that goes up into the right and another that goes up and to the left. These are mirror images of each other.

The slight skew produced by the heptagon-triangle spacers makes the pattern shift slightly up. Perhaps I should rotate the image a little so that pattern can be used as wallpaper....

Hmmmm probably I should make PolygonR&D have a save as background options. So many ideas so little time.

I originally made this pattern with TileLand but later switched to PolygonR&D. I've included the program below.
zig {
sides 3
paint black
sides 7
paint olive
sides 8
2 right
ifon none {
paint gray
create zag
4 right
create zag
} { }
zag …