Friday, August 18, 2017

Back to Vagrancy

Now that I'm out of ZU (my old employment), I'm back to vagrancy. So I'll have a bit more time for my blog.  My first thing will be to redo all the links that use SVG files.  I will probably just host my images on but I'll do it when I have access to a real computer not my 7" tablet.  We'll have to see if I extend the scope of my blog to include more than just polygons to some visualizations like my "Weeping Willow" figure that depicts the hailstone function.  I particularly like the meaningful drooping branches that happen to be composed of numbers that are multiples of three.  I was probably thinking about using that resource to teach about CSS but it's current form is too complex.  I'm not sure if I can simplify the example into something that would work well with novices.

I guess since I can't fix the images yet, I'm stuck with writing about these less polygon things...  Unless I can easily link it to polygoncraze....  More soon

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