Friday, November 01, 2013

Compact spinners

A lot of the patterns I work on have a similar feel. Sometimes when I'm playing with the patterns, I have no idea if I'm recreating a pattern that I already have done. I guess that is one of the reasons that I like this blog--it gives me a record of many of the patterns that I have liked for one reason or an other. I looked through my blog and found this one called shurikens which is similar.

There are three types of spinners: two are mirror images of each other and the third is the one that has decorative triangles on it's inside (not part of a path). The polygon paths are comprised of hexagons, pentagons, and triangles. As you walk around the mirror image spinners, the pattern is hexagon, pentagon, triangle, then repeat. If you follow the pattern then you'll go clockwise around one spinner and counter clockwise around the other. The decorated spinner's pattern is more complicated: hexagon, pentagon, triangle, hexagon, triangle, pentagon, and then repeat. It's a fun pattern.

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