Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Connected heptagons

Perhaps I should have spent more time picking the colours. The patterns not that difficult -- seven wedges of scale shapes made from heptagons. I put an 11-gon (hendecagon) in the middle just to fill it in a bit.

I'm trying to make a few more patterns these days because my homepage automatically puts a filmstrip of my blog pictures. It was a joke to do with Picasa. Still I have to get pictures in my blog.

The program is two subprograms of about ten lines each. What I really need to do is to have PolygonR&D work with a mySQL database so I can link to it easily.
Perhaps if I wasn't teaching four classes a semester...

Monday, November 12, 2007

Subtle pentagons

I was playing around with some slippery pentagons and ended up with this pattern. I was trying to get them to squeeze together a little better and was having a bit of difficulty. I didn't look carefully enough to see that the gaps were very different. I was focusing on the lines of pentagons and I missed that the gaps changed half way along the line. It's interesting how the regularity can fool you into thinking that it's more regular than it is. Perhaps it's not that subtle and I was just playing after a long day of work.

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