Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Maybe tomorrow I'll spiral this one but today I'll stick with concentric rings. The shells made of pentagons are decorated with triangles. The program that made this is not too sophisticated I think that when I try to make a spiral design I'll have to do a little more tinkering.... You'll just have to wait and see.

Heptagon Mix

I was thinking about doing this pattern with heptagons. The problem is that in the old pattern three pentagons fit around a vertex with room to spare but three heptagons do not fit around a vertex. To make room, I inserted two squares and was off to the races. Also, I threw in some triangles to add some variation into the mix. Perhaps this would look a bit more interesting if I added some alternation of colours.... To make an better backdrop, after I cut out the rectangular part that will generate the pattern, I load it into gimp (a linux knockoff of photoshop) and fade the colours (using about a 0.4 alpha on a white background).

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